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Students new to Ashtanga yoga are not expected to know the proper sequence of postures. In fact, having no prior knowledge of the method is an asset to the beginning student. Classes are all-levels; anyone can learn this practice regardless of age or ability.

The instructor introduces the student to the Ashtanga sequence gradually over time with one-on-one instruction. Postures are added according to the individual’s ability and consistency of practice. The class setting is a supportive environment where new students as well as advanced students are encouraged to develop their own practice in a safe and fun manner.

It typically takes a few weeks before the new student gains an understanding of how this practice works. Students are therefore encouraged to make a one month commitment and to come to class no less than three times a week to ensure the proper comprehension of this method. Observing a class is also open to any curious individual.

Group Instruction:
For group instruction either at our school or home, please contact Matthew at


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